Christina Bradford

Writer, Actor, Photographer

My work stems from my background in World War II and Jewish history, genocide prevention advocacy, and my interest in the effects of cycles of violence within families,  nations, communities, and on the human psyche.  

I render the complexity of inter-generational and cultural legacies of violence by exploring examples of ‘situational morality’.  For example, I juxtapose the same violent act, murder for instance, and examine the way it can be viewed as heroic or barbaric in relationship to its cultural and temporal circumstances. 

Violence is not only experienced through the mechanics of the act itself but also in the interpretations assigned to it by family or community narratives.  It is of the utmost importance to me to convey the perspective of the characters so the reader or audience member can consider the mindset and worldview from which they live and act.  I want to provoke the reader to consider their willingness to remain non-judgmental of the character’s morally questionable actions.

We can never be free from the potential for violence in the human experience.  Our instinct towards outright condemnation and demonization of violence is a dead end.  We have a duty to remain cognizant of the effects and legacies of violence in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the conditions required for it to occur, and ultimately to learn the lessons from history in attempt to prevent unnecessary human suffering.


Christina Bradford is a writer, actor, visual artist, and aspiring historian.  

Through early childhood experiences, including a formative encounter with a Holocaust survivor during a visit to Dachau concentration camp, Christina developed an avid interest in WWII and Holocaust history.  Holocaust and Genocide studies is a central theme in Christina’s work as a writer and in her work as a film student.  In 2012 she wrote, produced, and directed a USC short film entitled ‘Rena’; a fictionalized tribute dedicated to the Holocaust survivor who left such an impact on her.  Christina has traveled on multiple research trips to Poland and Germany in order to visit and photograph Holocaust sites including; Auschwitz, Dachau, Belzec, Sobibor, Mauthausen,  Buchenwald, Ravensbruck, the Warsaw ghetto, Lodz ghetto, and Krakow ghetto.  

Christina attended The University of Southern California, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television Production from the School of Cinematic Arts.  Christina also studied at the Hebrew Union College Judaic Studies department where she undertook learning Hebrew.  She traveled to Haifa University in Israel where she participated in the Israeli language learning Ulpan program.  

Christina is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate in Writing and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She is in her second year in the Meisner Technique Acting Studio.  The subject of her MFA manuscript is an amalgamation of her core search for truthful behavior through character study, and explorations of the legacies of trauma throughout history.